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Finance Analytics Institute

Financial Analytics Institute is an international organization with the purpose of implementing analytics for data driven decisions that increase business performance.

We are dedicated to two goals:
– Educate Finance Professionals on how to improve business partnering through the achievement of an analytics culture
– Providing educational, research, and networking opportunities for Finance Professionals



The Analytics Academy is a new concept of a “college” style summit with a coordinated syllabus that enables Finance professionals to deliver advanced forecast solutions and data driven decisions to the business through the use of analytics. The Academy methodically takes students through lecture and hands-on workshops in a step-by-step approach.

The first class focuses on the Roadmap to implement analytics for data driven decisions. The four components in the analytics culture are; Mindset, People, Processes, and Systems. Uniquely, gain clarity of vision and realize that analytics is not long, hard, or expensive – it’s simply disciplined.

The second class focus on Systems and Storytelling including analytics tools and techniques for Unbiased Forecasting, Predictions, Trending, and Dashboarding and adding the skills to tell a simple and compelling “story” for consumption by decision makers.

The third class is around Systematic Thinking to Exploit Data for Better Insight and Foresight. Learn how to think “systematically” to approach data analysis and assess and assembling the data needed.  Understand the application of AI, ML, and advanced analytics for business applications and unbiased more accurate forecasting in demand, S&OP, sales, and budgeting.

Students leave the Academy well prepared to go back to their companies to gain approval to implement analytics and improve forecasting, as well as, the on-going ability to convert data into compelling stories that drive decisions making and impact the strategic direction for their company.

To learn about the upcoming Academy or register, please use the link below.






Robert J Zwerling is a high-tech entrepreneur, founding and growing software companies in telecommunication, manufacturing & distribution, high data availability, and predictive analytics.  His accomplishments span over 25 years include patent pending artificial intelligence software, author of numerous papers and requested speaker at summits on forecasting and predictive analytics for business optimization, and inventor of the concept of Systematic Intelligence™. Over the past decade, he has implemented analytics in Finance groups in dozens of companies ranging from $100 million to Fortune 500 firms across a wide breadth of industries. He architected significant exits as co-founder of the ISIS Telecom Group (sold to Computer Science, NYSE: CSC) and CEO of Vision Solutions (sold to a foreign public company). With his daughter, Megan, he co-authored the book, Vigilance The Price of Liberty, What you can do today to save America tomorrow, and co-authored with Jesper Sorensen, Implementing an Analytics Culture for Data Driven Decisions, A Manifesto for Next Generation Finance.

Mr. Zwerling is involved with civics as co-producer with US Vigilance and the Richard Nixon Foundation, The Collegiate Forum, which brings together bright college students from major California universities to discuss current political topics at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library.  He is also a member of Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

Mr. Zwerling is currently founder and Managing Director of Aurora Predictions, a company that provides Systematic Intelligence™ with AI that is packaged with an Excel style user interface to enable Finance organizations to take control to develop insights and foresights that optimizes business performance.

He holds a Bachelor in Engineering (Magna Cum Laude) in mechanical engineering from Stony Brook University, and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (majoring in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics) from CSU Los Angeles.  He is a member of Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society and a licensed Professional Engineer in CA.

Jesper H. Sorensen is a highly accomplished finance professional who is result-oriented with strong analytical and strategic influencing skills. Jesper is the modern CFO with an innovative Silicon Valley mindset who use his advanced analytics skillset and toolbox to affect business leaders to take data driven decisions. His motto is: Finance don’t just provide numbers, but use data to provide insight and foresight that challenge and influence decision makers. He has several years of management experience leading global finance teams in multi-billion dollar companies and a proven track record of creating a strong performing environment to improving top line growth and profitability in the company.

He is Senior Finance Director with a Fortune 100 technology company. He is on the advisory board for Aurora Predictions, a company with an Artificial Intelligence Platform to help companies improving their top line. He is an Analytics Expert for International Institute of Analytics, an independent advisory firm that works with organizations to build strong and competitive analytics programs.

Mr. Sorensen is a highly respected keynote speaker who has been featured at several conferences in San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago and Boston. He covers topics as Business Partnering, Next Generation Finance and Advanced Analytics. He is also co-authored with Robert Zwerling the book Implementing an Analytics Culture for Data Driven Decisions, A Manifesto for Next Generation Finance.

He holds a Master Degree in Economics and Management from the University of Aarhus, Denmark and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium and is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt and is certified in Risk Management and Strategic Decision Making from Stanford University.



Benchmarking is a practice to establish a baseline (where you are today) and compare against best practices to quantify gaps.  From gap analysis springs an iterative improvement plan for how to achieve Next Generation Finance.  Ultimately, Finance becomes the world class strategic partner to the business who provide insight to influence decisions and foresight to impact the strategic direction.

Utilizing our far-reaching Survey framework, the Finance Analytics Institute™ is a world leader in helping clients establish the baseline and measure the on-going progression towards Next Generation Finance.

Our broad experience has established best practices on how Finance operates as a world class strategic partner. Through our extensive database we can benchmark your Finance organization against the Finance community at different levels like job title, region, size, and industry.

There are two types of Surveys, the Benchmark and Roadmap. The former survey is a detailed benchmark to establish the capabilities of the Finance organization as assessed by itself, best practice, and the Finance Community. The latter survey is the Benchmark Survey that includes an assessment against the prior survey and the progression on the Roadmap to become a world class strategic partner.

The Survey is on-line, simple and fast to take.  Results are quickly analyzed, and a Survey Report is typically delivered in a week from Survey completion.  Please see the PDF for more information.

Price & Registration 
The price for the selected Survey is dependent on the number of participants.  The table below gives several markers for guidance.  To register for a Survey, ask your consultant to use the contact form on our website or use the form yourself to connect with us directly to set-up participants, schedule, Survey Report deliverable and Results meeting, and billing.

Number of Participants Benchmark Survey (USD) Roadmap Survey (USD)
5 $4,950 $5,350
10 $6,000 $6,500
20 $8,100 $8,800
50 $13,400 $14,700
100 $20,900 $23,200

Next Generation Finance Overview Video
This video overviews Next Generation Finance and the framework for how to implement an analytics culture for data driven decisions.  These two concepts provide the foundation for how to advance Finance from a hindsight looking trusted scorekeeper (Reporter) to a forward-looking strategic partner (Strategist).